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 Here at Ziivan Watches, we believe that material things cannot make us happy, they were not intended to. We can only enjoy them for a short while as we become the person we were meant to be, strive to overcome obstacles in our lives so that we can see the true beauty and magnificence that life holds. Let's use materials things as the crowns and accents of our true inner beauty. Let's have more worth than the material possessions we acquire in our lives. Let's have a relationship with material things in a way that we can let them come and go and not take them so seriously.

It's about realizing who we really are and what we are going to do about it. This universe in all its spectacularity and infinite possibilities is exactly the same fabric we are made from. Let us realize all of this in an instant and always stay in the process and never look at success or failure. Be in today, right now.

 All the things that watches are and mean to us individually, is what we will explore and have fun with. There are so many different varieties of watches which what makes it really exciting. At Ziivan Watches, we love watches too and share the same excitement to bring them to you. So this is where we will begin our journey together. Let's find out more about watches and ourselves and how to become the best we can be. Let the watch wear us.

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